DOE Online Learning Guidance for the Week of September 2nd

Dear DOE Phase 0 Online Tutorials user,

With your Letter of Intent (LOI) due next week we know that it’s a busy time of year, but we’re here with a few tutorials to keep your proposal preparation on track this week. Our gift to you is the very succinct and helpful list below, enjoy!

Tutorial 6: Timeline for proposal Preparation
Speaking of a busy time of year – this tutorial will keep you going and keep you organized. By breaking the proposal preparation process into 6 separate tasks and including a timeline you won’t miss any critical steps along the way or become overwhelmed while trying to stick to a schedule.

Tutorial 10: Where can I receive proposal preparation assistance?
Another gift to you? Tutorial 10 offers a hand when you need one in the form of proposal preparation assistance and resources both from the Phase 0 program offerings and different state assistance programs.

Tutorial 26: What is the Difference between Consultants and Subcontractors?
Subcontractors and consultants can be important contributors to a Phase I DOE SBIR/STTR project, however, including these groups or individuals in your proposal requires a bit of planning and know-how. Fortunately, tutorial 26 breaks down the difference between consultants and subcontractors, and how to integrate them into your proposal.

Tutorial 29: Can you give me an overview of all of the forms?
Up to seven on-line forms and two sub-forms must be submitted as part of your DOE Phase I SBIR/STTR application – all forms are resident within the one application package that you have downloaded. Tutorial 29 is important, it provides a recap and checklist of all the forms you’ll need to submit to complete your application, and tips on where to find them.

As always, if you need assistance, you may contact the DOE SBIR/STTR Help Desk at or call (301) 903-5707 between the hours of 8:30 am and 5pm Eastern, Monday – Friday.

 Please look for more assistance in the coming weeks!

DOE’s Phase 0 Assistance Provider